• Rachael Hedrick

The new secret to skincare? CBD infused products to kick off 2019

Some of the biggest names in skincare are kicking off 2019 with their new CBD (cannabidiol) infused skincare products. These brands include Josie Maran and Peter Thomas Roth.

Josie created a two-ingredient oil named Skin Dope CBD oil. Josie originally created her line because she was “sick of make-up artists telling her high-performance and healthful beauty products would never exist”. She then found argan Oil which was the starting off point of her whole company.

Josie Maran

Now she is expanding and using the benefits of CBD oil in her products. She created a collection called Skin Dope and it includes two products: Skin Dope CBD and Hemp Seed Facial Oils, which are both only make with two ingredients. The two are The Ogranic Glow and The Argan Oil. The Organic Glow oil is made up of 50% argan oil and 50% hemp seed oil. And the Argan Oil includes only argan oil and 100mg of CBD.

Skin Dope

Photo from: Allure

Josie Maran’s main purpose behind her company and her new Skin Dope line is using products that not only make you look beautiful but are also extremely beneficial to your skin and health.

Peter Thomas Ross

Another huge name in skincare,Peter Thomas Roth, is starting off 2019 with an entire range of products that contain CBD.

Green Releaf Calming Face Oil

One of the products in this line that I absolutely love is the Green Releaf Calming Face Oil. It makes my skin so hydrated and takes away any redness I have. They use “hemp-derived Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Bisabolol and Ginger Root Extract”, and it takes away inflammation on all skin types. It is expensive, at $68 a bottle but you only need a little bit and you will see immediate results.

The shop link is:

I think 2019 is only the beginning when it comes to using CBD in our skincare products. With all of the benefits it has proven to have, I predict all the big skincare lines will be coming out with a similar product or two.


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