• Sandee Whiteman

Get your Glow on? - Shero Science

In the age of beauty, where there are so many different products on the market that are giving you all the hype of “Get Beautiful Glowing Skin,” Where do you Start?  You hear these stories all over blog pages, and magazines, and social media, this is the best product, laddie daddi dah, then you go and look to buy the product to find out its $200 for a serum, which does not even live up to the hype.

Well what if I told you today, there is a product out there that lives up to the hype, that you can get all the quality transformative quality ingredients for a affordable price, that also delivers and gets the job done.  There is a product known as Shero Science.
Shero Science was founded by Nicole Farb.  The story of Shero Science started,  after she found out her friend had melanoma.  Nicole scheduled a visit to a dermatologist to find out out her skin was in perfect health, but it also changed her mind that skincare is more then just what you see in the media or what your friends and family tell you to use. Its complex and involves science mixed with quality natural ingredients. She decided that day she was going to change the way skincare was perceived and make it affordable and available to everyone “Quality Skincare”.  So she found Shero Science.

What makes Shero Science different, than the average product on the market?  Well it's simple the quality ingredients that have been used from their own dermatologists to create affordable products that deliver. After the first use you will see a difference in your skin, the way it feels and even the way it appears.  
I started using a skincare routine based on their Skin IQ. What is Skin IQ?  its a questionnaire that you perform before buying any of their products, at no cost to you. It helps you find what product in their Shero Science line is good to use based on your skin type, at no cost.

The skin routine has changed my skin.  The routine the Skin IQ based for me was the following:
First Step: Gentle Milky Gel Cleanser, it helps to clear out all the impurities, but also delivers hydration.  Second step: Power C Brightening Serum, which helps to give you that overall glow but also delivers by reducing lines and wrinkles and dark spots.  I even like to use this after,  I put on my makeup overtop of my blush it helps it shine, just a few drops really makes a dewey look or complexion. The third step is the moisturizer E.H.F Yeah Moisturizer, which delivers a overall plump and dewey, smooth complexion, it compares to a $200 product without the price tag with the same quality ingredients, like Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, and Ferulic Acid.  Boom Baddi Boom Boom Beautiful Skin... Shero Science is a product that delivers with all the quality ingredients you have been searching for beautiful skin.. For more information please visit and try their product, It won’t disappoint...
Written by: Sandee Whiteman

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