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Looking for a New, and Brighter, Beautiful You?Fibroblast Skin Tightening Treatment

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

In the City of Angels, and dreams, we are constantly searching to find

new innovations in the world of beauty. Innovations that can bring out the

best you on the outside, and show the true beauty. After, researching

treatments, I came across Fibroblast Skin Tightening Treatment.

I wanted to ensure a place where, I would feel comfortable, because even

though this treatment is Non-invasive. It also is quite a complicated

treatment that requires knowledge and the right practitioner to make sure

you’re in well hands.

Before & After

After an extensive research on practitioners, I found quaint little spa in

Studio City, named AskCares. Owner, Olga is a wizard in skin care, and

has worked on celebrity clients, such as Miley Cyrus. I wanted a place

that would be relaxed and not feel like a med spa. AskCares has the feel

of a home away from home, and I think we all want to relate to this in our

busy lives.

Olga & Miley Cyrus

To elaborate more on AskCares, it’s located in Studio City on the

popular street of Ventura, so center to all of the movie productions, and

Hollywood life.

Olga & Miley Cyrus

A few of their most popular treatments are the Custom Facial with Peel

and the Hydrafacial, which I intend to try as well in the near future, but I

was more intrigued they offered the non-invasive treatment (known to

many as the natural facelift or natural Botox treatment) called Fibroblast

Skin Tightening.

Difference after 1st and 2nd procedures

The Fibroblast Skin Tightening is a Non-Invasive Treatment that involves

minimal downtime, but helps with the production of collagen, and is a

permanent solution to your wrinkles, it won’t stop the aging process, but

the aging that has already occurred it will smooth and lift the areas you

would like treated, whether that be on your face or other parts of your


I went in with minimal lines on the forehead, and furrow lines between

the eyebrows, and wanted a natural approach, instead of injections such

as Botox for the problem areas on my face. Olga ensured me : “I would

be a candidate for this procedure in the areas I was most insecure about

on my face.” I opt right in and jumped on the Fibroblast Skin Tightening


Before & After

Fibroblast when performed, the practitioner will be using a plasma pen,

while your skin is under a topical anesthetic cream, to make sure you do

not feel the process. The process overall will take about 30 minutes for

the numbing cream and another 20 minutes for the treatment depending

on the area. During the treatment you will expect to smell burning but

don’t be alarmed this is just the microdots that are be created in a graph

like form from the pen (its known as the plasma/matter state). The dots

will heal and and crust which will also cause the skin to stretch and lift in

that area, to give you a more flawless look. The process takes about 7

days, but some people have different healing schedules because of each

person carries a different DNA. The skin may appear red for quite

sometime afterwards, but don’t be alarmed this is your new collagen and

skin formation. Just don’t ever forget to not wear sunscreen and stay out

of direct sunlight. Olga recommends about 3 weeks after the first initial

treatment to even out the skin to receive a facial and peel, this will help

and even out the skin faster and give you a more dewy and subtle look.

If you have a fear of holes this is not the right treatment for you, because

the holes will be on your face for awhile until they crust and fall off

creating the collagen to reform and give you that overall look you are

looking to create.

The benefits to this treatment are as following is that it cost less, and

barely any downtime compared to a face lift, it last longer then Botox or

any other Fillers, A quicker recovery time and also Shorter treatment then

other procedures.

Overall, I am very pleased with the results to my forehead and cannot

wait for the final treatment of the Facial with Peel to see the overall

results, and report back to you. I am also looking at other areas on my

face I can help to achieve, that dewy smooth look and try Fibroblast for

the second time…For more information or consultation contact AskCares at 818.308.6021 or visit Located at 12528 Ventura

Blvd, Studio City CA.

By: Sandee Whiteman


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