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The Luxury CBD and Cannabis-infused topical line by Humble Flower Launches their Rebrand!

Humble Flower is a women owned and operated luxury CBD and cannabis-infused topical line, created by Thea Wayne and Jordan Darian, who were classmates at Humboldt State University. 

We attended the launch of the rebrand for Humble Flower and it was amazing. We got to test a bunch of different products and left with a goodie bag of some to take home and try - which of course I did immediately! I got to sit down with the creators and owners of the company and learned a little bit about their backstory and how their products and company came about.

Jordan was finding it hard to make friends as she was spending most of her time in her garage cultivating cannabis so she decided to take a course at Humboldt State University where she would unknowingly end up sitting next to her future business partner, Thea. After becoming friends they saw that with Thea’s natural-born entrepreneurial skills and Jordan’s knowledge and of Cannabis - they could close the hole in the market for a high quality topical product. But not only did they just see a money opportunity, their “hearts are in cannabis, that’s where our passion comes from and our backstory and we’ve been able to evolve it from there”. 

Thea’s mom is a nurse and herbalist and was instrumental in formulating the recipes of each product.  “The formulation in the oils are rooted in a lot of strategy and each oil has different anti-inflammatory properties and qualities that benefit the cannabis as they help with the body”. These products were made with knowledge and passion and talking to these women you can really feel their excitement about what they have created and getting to share it with others.

Humble Flower has been around for almost 4 years, moving to Los Angeles about 2 years ago and have been expanding and working on rebranding since. They just launched the rebrand and these products are not only amazing they are packaged in the most sleek and gorgeous way, as you can see below. 

They all come in crisp white boxes and depending on the product each of them have a different colored top on the box. The bottles are made out of glass with a gold rim and the product inside of each is just as delightful (luckily we got to try a ton of the event)!

I have been using the unscented cannabis-infused body lotion on my hands and forearms for a couple of weeks now and have had so much relief. I spend all of my days either on the computer typing or on my phone texting so I often have a lot of pain in my hands and arms. This lotion has been a godsend and I highly recommend visiting their website and getting your hands on some!    

You can find the array of products they have on their website:

Also, as you will see on their website all of these products are:


Handcrafted with the best all-natural, vegan ingredients, in sunny Los Angeles, California.


All of our CBD hemp and THC cannabis is lab-tested to ensure that our customers are provided with quality, clean, pesticide-free products. On their website you can also view the current test results for our full spectrum extract.


Humble Flower Co products applied to intact skin will not cause you to feel high.

Written By: Rachael Hedrick


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