• Sandee Whiteman


Living in Los Angeles, we have so many options for our facial, and skin care concerns. But some of these options can be overly pricey and never really live up to the hype or to address the concerns we are looking for in our overall appearance.

After trying so many new trends out there and looking for that perfect skin, I stumbled upon an old but also very new trend known as Micro Current.

This treatment has been around since the 1960s addressing many concerns that have to do with medical, but in the recent years it has gained a lot of media for also addressing age, such as concerns to deal with wrinkles and sagging of the skin and overall appearance.

It has been shown and approved to lift droopy lids, contour facial lines for a more sculpted look, as well decrease puffiness and circulation and give you an overall glow to your face. You might, ask how is this possible, and is it natural?

Yes! The procedure or treatment is all natural and is done by using pulsating electrical currents of low voltage to stimulate the muscles and the cause and effect is known as a natural face lift. As we age our face loses energy that is supplied to these cells from constant facial expression and stress, etc., that we just need a natural pick me up of our own defenses to stimulate, and this is where Microcurrent comes in to effect…

The Results show that you will have an overall glow to your appearance, a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and improved skin tone, with a natural Lift, without any incisions or downtime. Of course, this procedure needs to be continued and is recommended at least once a month or more depending on the quality of your skin or condition.

Now, I know what you are thinking, Do I have to get this done at a Med Spa, or Doctors Office or where can I get this treatment? Well actually, this treatment, can be done at a local spa or salon that offers these services, and you should always make sure you do your research as you want to get the best out of this luxurious natural experience.

Located in Los Angeles, there is a great quaint day spa known as Dinah Alcon Skincare Studio, that offers this treatment, it can be addition to your facial or can be offered as just a pick me up for lunch with the treatment alone.

The Day Spa is located at 952 Manhattan Beach Blvd., Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, (310) 529-6838,

Written By: Sandee Whiteman


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