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VA VA VA Voom - Beija Flor Beauty and Lash Bar

In Los Angeles, we dream of that beautiful flawless face, that baby doll look? What if I told you its right at your fingertips and a click away at Beija Flor Beauty and Lash Bar.

Located in the heart of downtown Culver City, CA is a cozy, quaint spot where you can find and wander all your thoughts away, Whether you are looking for a fresh face with a facial, a new look with a flawless face of makeup, some new brows with microblading or va va voom eyelashes Jamee Cohen the owner at Beija Flor Beauty and Lash Bar has you covered in all the needs for beauty.

I was searching for that Va VA Voom look, and wanted a full set of lashes. As you know we all can’t be born with the perfect pair of lashes, and sometimes we want a whole new look? This is what I had been searching for that baby doll look. I was excited to get to know Jamee, and about the lash application.

Jamee first explained the process very thoroughly, and showed me all the different lashes, and even let me touch a few, to see what I would be getting and achieving with my natural lashes. She explained that this is an extension, and application and just like hair we need to keep our own lash hair strong, to continue to taking vitamins. She also explained the difference in synthetic vs mink. These were all so helpful tips going into the next the process of getting the lashes.

The lashes were individually done by Jamee and she asked me if I wanted a certain look. I told her I trust her instincts, as she the professional and I let her do the work. In the back of my mind I was thinking please make me look like a baby doll. But, after 1 ½ hours later, I was able to arise and see my new look.

It was beautiful, I was a baby doll. The look I had imagined, came to life, and it was done very professional and natural. Jamee explained the process of making sure they are kept clean and beautiful, and I was on my way, but I knew It would not be the last time she seen me, as I wanted to keep this BABY DOLL LOOK ALIVE.

So, if you are looking for a fresh face, and beautiful new look, look no further then Beiia Flor Beauty and Lash Bar, located in Culver City. p. 310-879-1475 You won’t be disappointed!

Written By: Sandee Whiteman


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